P90X Series

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Total Body Workouts

P90X First Impression

Got my P90X kit two weeks ago and have finally done all the workouts. As you can tell from the heading, I love these workouts. I probably wont use them in the prescribed way, at least not yet, but they are a lot of fun.

First about me so you can take my review with a grain of salt: Im a lifelong athlete (lacrosse, track, soccer, skiing, snowboarding) and I mostly workout to Cathe but love FitPrime. I also do yoga daily and I like to add on fusion workouts like ATRM, Pilates, LB, and TBM. I run and bike with Runervlas and Spinervals.

I was a little intimidated by these workouts but I was able to do them and they challenged me in new ways. Before I got into each workout, here are some overall things about the workouts:

The pull-up bar is very new to me and is used in all the back workouts. I dont have one yet but I used my squat racks with a body bar. I dont recommend this as it was very unstable but it help me get started. This is a weak area for me as it probably is for a lot of women but I feel I gained some strength. IMHO, this is one move that we should all be able to do to lift our own body weight.

The workouts are approachable and this to me is a Beach Body signature. They are not tightly choreographed just the moves. And boy - are there a lot of new moves in here! Im a certified group instructor and personal trainer and we struggle to get people to exercise. I really like Slim Series because of its no-nonsense approach. OK these workouts are really tough I admit it but they are easy to learn.

The moves are sometimes repeated for two sets. Some are done in super set format. Like Chest, Triceps, Shoulders three exercises, then another three, working all those body parts - until the work out is complete.

Warm-up and cool downs are no-nonsense Beach Body style. Nothing new here some cool new shoulder stretches I hadnt seen before.

Tony told me 1000x to write it down and I didnt this first time through but I wish I did because Im the one that sets the benchmark here. Another poster said they thought the lifting was not as heavy as Cathe. Who says so! All the participants were lifting different level weights. I feel this could be a very heavy workout series if I wanted it to be. He says 8-10 for muscle building, 10-15 for leaning out.

I felt like I had finally stepped into another world the world of mens training. It was kind of cool. These guys work hard and the gals that were with them were working just as hard that was really cool.

That said, this is not a stereotypically muscle man set of workouts. Tony incorporates many new techniques and the exercise variety is astounding. He combines standard weight training, with intense aerobics, and flexibility training as well as functional fitness. I am impressed.

Tony is funny and makes me laugh. I didnt find him annoying at all.

There are 12 workouts plus a book explaining the workouts and rotations in detail and a nutrition book. I think this is a great value even without the 20% discount.

Two more cool features: I think you can do the entire series with bands and it looks tough! I have to double check this but I think this is true. This is great for travelers. Also Ab Ripper is included at the end of all the weight DVDs so you dont have to load that DVD. Love this.

The music is terrific - much better than Slim Series and I always leave it on.

Im not going to break down the workouts in detail but just give a few comments on each:

Chest & Back -- 53 minutes -- pull-up bar or bands, chair, dumbbells or bands, push up bars

This is mostly push-ups and pull-ups in all different varieties.

Plyometrics -- 59 minutes -- mat, chair

This is tough and similar to IMAX1 or 2 but no choreography just move after move after move.

Shoulders & Arms -- 60 minutes -- dumbbells or bands, chair

Typically weight training but lots of new moves.

Yoga -- 1 hour, 33 minutes -- mat, yoga blocks

Ive been doing Yoga for over 20 years and granted I do like the more vigorous yoga styles but Im usually a snob when someone not completely life-dedicated to yoga teaches yoga (how I get off thinking that I dont know). That said, I really liked this practice and Tony stayed true to himself and did a terrific job.

Legs & Back -- 59 minutes -- dumbbells or bands, pull up bar or bands, chair

This reminded me of a harder Legs& Glutes from Cathe. And with pull-ups mixed in. I was sore!

Kenpo -- 59 minutes -- heart rate monitor

This was similar to KP&C I dont do a ton of kickboxing but less choreographed. It was fun and tough.

Stretch -- 58 minutes -- mat, yoga blocks

Nice stretch routine harder than Cool It Off

Core Synergistics -- 58 minutes -- mat, weights, and a plastic plate, cardboard or towel

This is a TLP like workout but again less choreographed.

Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps -- 56 minutes -- dumbbells or bands, push up bars, chair, and a plastic plate, cardboard or towel

Killer 3 exercises 3 body parts over and over again changing the exercises each time.

Back & Biceps -- 52 minutes -- dumbbells or bands, pull up bar or bands, chair

Again very tough 2 back exercises, 2 bicep, over and over again.

Cardio -- 44 minutes -- chair, mat, yoga blocks

A shorter rehash of moves from YogaX, Plyo, Core, and Kenpo but this is new footage it isnt a cut and paste of other footage. Nice routine for a shorter add-on of cardio.

Ab Ripper -- 16 minutes mat

Wow! A great tough ab routine.

Im glad that I have this set it gives me the variety Ive been wanting and I enjoy have a new instructor. These workouts are very well designed and I strongly recommend them to intermediate or advanced exercisers.

The classic rotation has not as much cardio as I would like so they have other rotations that include more cardio that is the one I used.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is an excellent motivator and instructor.

Christine Miyachi