P90X Series: Core Synergistics

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Abs/Core

This is one of those videos that makes me scream and curse. I know when i'm saying "holy crap" during a workout, it's a keeper. This is one of the hardest workouts I think I've ever done. It is awesome, awesome, awesome. It is a keeper. It's not cardio and it's not weight training. It's pure core, pure "body strength", pure 'muscle strength" and it is HARD. I can't even describe to you each and every move but he does crazy variations on push ups (about 4 different kinds) and all kinds of squat thrusts (which on some occasions he'll mix with a push-up); he does a lot of compound exercises. What can I say - it is just great. If you're advanced and you want to try something new and different - this is the video for you. It first perfectly into the rotation as well. Thanks Tony - job well done. I give this one an A and that's only because I'm stingy with my A+.

Instructor Comments:
I really like him. He is great. Doesn't take himself too seriously and he is very encouraging. That's my favorite thing about him. He says things like, "don't worry if you can only do one", "you'll be stronger next time...." That's a very important quality for an instructor to have as it helps alleviate the fear of failure a lot of us have, and it also helps us perfectionists go easy on ourselves if we don't "complete every single rep perfectly".

Denise Berger