P90X Series: Core Synergistics

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Abs/Core

The total time of this workout is about 58 minutes.

The music is instrumental rock. I like the P90X music. It is not very loud, and you do have the option on the DVD of turning it off and having vocals only. You also have the option of having music and cues only, which cuts out all of Tony’s chatter, or you can have cues only, which cuts out all of the music and Tony’s chatter (I happen to enjoy Tony’s chatter).

This video has a little bit of everything. There is a class of two women (one of whom completed the P90X test class, the other being Dreya Weber, who appears on a couple of the Power Half Hour videos and a couple of the P90X videos), and one man. I like that they use real people who completed the test class in all of the P90X videos.

There are different segments. The warm up consists of rolling the head from side to side, raising the arms to stretch the shoulders and chest, shaking the arms and legs, “huggers” (wrapping your arms around yourself), reaching up and back, marching in place, running in place, jumping jacks, run lunges, hamstring stretches, and standing quad stretch.

None of the exercises are repeated in this video. They show modifications for all of these moves. I definitely recommend watching this video through once before doing it (although I didn’t). All of the P90X videos are very well chaptered, so they are easy to preview.

The first workout is Stacked Foot/Staggered Hands Push-up. You put one hand out in front, put your other hand by your ribcage, stack one foot on top of the other in plank position, and do pushups. You switch your hands every five push-ups. Next is the Banana Roll. You start by lying on your back with your arms and legs off the floor. You roll to one side, hold. Roll to your stomach (like Supermans), hold. Then roll to other side, hold. You just keep rolling and holding for about a minute. Leaning Crescent Lunges are next. Two of the exercisers use light weights on this. You lunge to the right, reach up, reach back, then step back. Lunge to the left, reach up, reach back. Next is Squat Run. You hold two light weights (one exercisers doesn’t use weights) and swing your arms back and forth like you are running, but your feet stay still. Sphinx Push-up is a move where you have your forearms on the floor, and then raise your body up into plank position. It is hard to keep your body straight when doing this. That is followed by Bow to Boat. You start on your stomach in the Bow position, then roll to your butt and go into Boat position. You repeat for 5 reps of each. Low Lateral Skaters are next. You lunge to the right, lift a leg, then lunge to the left, and lift a leg. Then you do Lunge & Reach. You pick up a weight and reach like you are going to place it on a shelf. There is a 45-second break at this point. Next is Prison Cell Push-ups. You do a push-up, pull in a knee, push-up, pull in the other knee, push-up, and then jump feet forward and stand up (modifications are shown to reduce the number of push-ups). Next is Side Hip Raise. Lying on your side, support yourself on your forearm. With all your weight on your feet and forearm, lift your hips up. Squat X-press is next. You stand in plie position and lift a light weight up like a shoulder press, except a little more out to the side to create an “X”. Then there is the Plank to Chaturanga Run. While in push-up position, bring knees forward as if running in place. Lower the body to Chaturanga (just an inch off the ground), and continue running in place (I can’t go low yet, but neither does one of the exercisers on the video). The Walking Push-up is next. You “walk” in plank position forward and back for one minute. Then you do Superman Banana, where you start on your stomach with arms and legs raised. Hold for three counts, then roll to your back and hold your hands and legs up. Next is the Lunge/Kickback/Curl/Press. With a light weight, lunge forward, do a tricep kickback, bring upper body up, do a bicep curl, corkscrew shoulder press, reverse curl. It takes a few times to get the “feel” of this combo move. You do 20 reps. The final exercise in this set is Towel Hopping (from Power 90 according to Tony). You jump over the towel, back and forth, for one minute. Then there is a 45-minute stretch break. The last set starts with Reach High & Under Push-ups. You do a push-up, raise up on one side, raise your arm up, lower your arm down, do another push-up and raise up on the other side. The next exercise is Steam Engine. You put your hands behind your head and reach your elbow to the opposite knee. You go back and forth for 50 reps. The last exercise before the Bonus round is Dreya Rolls. These are hard! You roll back on a mat with straight legs and straight arms. You bring your legs straight up to the ceiling, then roll back and stand up. The bonus round is Planks and Chaturanga Iso, Halfback (from Plyo X), where you do tire drills forward and high knees back, and Table Dip Leg Raise, where you go into the Table position, then lift one leg at a time and dip down. This is followed by a 5-minute cool down.

I wore my heart rate monitor the last time I did this, and my heart rate stays up pretty high during the whole workout. I had to do this one a couple of times before I could decide if I liked it. Some of the moves are so different that I couldn’t be sure what I thought of them at first. I have decided that this is a good total-body workout with a good cardio side to it.

Instructor Comments:
I like Tony. He is very personable.

Debbie Wagar