P90X Series: Chest and Back

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Upper Body Strength

This is a VERY difficult BUT......very modifiable chest and back workout using primarly pushups and pullups as the main exercises. Modifications are shown for use with a resistance band as an alternative to the pullup bar, and a chair was used to help assist one background exerciser with her pullups. That's the way I did the workout and I really loved doing it! I loved the music, set, flow of exercises and the way you can tailor this to your fitness needs/preferences.

He does 2 rounds of 12 exercises after a thorough warmup which I won't describe here. You are to choose what your "goal" is for each exercise. If you are lifting weights he wants you to choose a weight that will really challenge you on your last 3 reps of either 8-10 reps (for building mass) or 12-15 (for definition)

Here are the twelve exercises in order:

Standard Pushups-most of the background exercisers did 30, just to give you an idea of how many they were doing

Wide Front Pullups-The background folks were doing 15-20!!!!

Military pushups-Almost like a tricep pushup
Reverse Grip chin-up

Wide-fly pushup

Closed Grip overhand pull-up

Decline Pushups

Heavy pants-Sort of like bent over lat rows

Diamond Pushups-

Lawnmowers-One arm rows

Dive-bomber pushups-OUCH!!!!

Bent over back flys

Repeat the same 12 exercises but instead of them being in a chest, back, chest, back order...., they are back, chest, back, chest.

There is a really nice cool down too as in all of the P90X's.

Grade A!!

Instructor Comments:
It's a more subdued Tony. I really like him in this one!

Janet Frost (frostyjan)