Bodywedge: Bottom Line

Terri Herbert

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I have all four BodyWedge DVDs. They are produced by Greg Twombly, so the set, music and production quality area all fine. Not outstanding, but acceptable.

Each DVD starts out with a 10 minute instructional segment led by BW inventor, Rich Decker. He explains the 21 BW exercises, while a woman named Ann demonstrates. I hope she is is wife because he was touching her a lot to show the area being worked. He gives form pointers and modifications for the exercises.

Bottom Line is approximately 30 minutes long. It is a real mixed bag. Some of the exercises are super-tough (incline leg outs, decline crunches), some very easy (most of the leg work) and a few I felt would be bad for my knees so I skipped them (plie squat with heel lift, lunge/knee ups, standing on the BW side leg lifts). It does have my favorite ab exercise - oblique crunches. For some strange reason, I am not great at regular crunches, but can do side crunches without difficulty.

I donít see myself doing this workout again. But I got some good ideas for ways to use the BW in many other videos. The BodyWedge looks like it will be vey versatile and useful.

Instructor Comments:
She is very cute. She needed to add some more form pointers.