Denise Austin

Categories: Yoga

First, the excuses. I bought this video months ago, when I was trying to build a small and inexpensive library of fitness tapes for when I couldn't make it to the gym.

Of course, now that I work out almost exclusively at home, and now that I've found this site and the experience of so many of you out there, I know that this tape is something I shouldn't have even tried.

But never let it be said I took a tape to the used store without at least trying it once. So I put it in the VCR tonight.

And took it out 10 minutes later. Competency in yoga aside, Denise needs to learn that one should keep talking to a bare minimum during yoga.

What turned me off more than anything was that this tape is recorded in EP, and no indication of this is given anywhere on the tape slipcover or on the tape itself. Be warned!

Michele H.