Urban Rebounding: Interval Bound

Shannon Griffiths Fable
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Rebounding

This was one of my first UR w/os, and quickly became my favorite. The moves are fun and not too repetitive, which is my chief complaint about UR Intermediate, for example. Shannon is a great instructor and is good at motivating the exerciser (me:)). The w/o is about 30 minutes and has different combos broken up by jogging and sprinting blocks, which really get the heart racing. This w/o is so much fun to me and I liked Shannon so much, that I wanted to get the other w/os she lead, Box & Bounce and Sports Specific, which I now have. Out of the three that Shannon leads, however, I think that Interval Bound is the hardest.

Instructor Comments:
Shannon is my favorite UR instructor!! She is enthusiastic and very straightforward in style. She's fun but not as annoying as some who are way too perky or spastic for my taste. Shannon also cues very well.