Back Health

Joanie Greggains
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Special Health Conditions

I think this is a good 30 minute routine for people with bad backs, and those wanting to avoid back injuries. She runs through a number of exercises, some of which are quite challenging to do with proper form. There are exercises the strengthen both the abs and the back. She has modifications for the harder exercises. She also reminds you of proper form throughout the video. I also like that she does a lot of reps of the same exercise. It's much easier to concentrate on your form for this than when you quickly change positions, like in a Karen Voight video. The talk by Joe Montana's surgeon is fairly routine. "Lift with your legs", etc. All in all, I'd recommend this for people with back concerns. You won't get a six pack from it, but it will give you strength where you need to keep you free from back pain. However, I'm sure it would bore the "Ab Attack" set to tears!

Instructor Comments:
She spends a bit too much time explaining between moves, so there's some dead time. She repeats herself a lot too. But she's not too annoying.