Elite Forces

Gilad Janklowicz
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

I like it! This workout is dedicated to the U.S. troops and filmed on the deck (runway? flight deck?) of an assault ship called the Bonhomme Richard. Giladís background exercisers include Navy Seals and Marines. Everyone looks very fit and keeps up well. I feel a little sorry for them having to work out in the sun on a hard surface. Speaking of hard surfaces, this workout has considerable impact, so I double up my puzzle mats. You do not need much room.

As for sound, the workout is of course outside and in a noisy area. Aircraft frequently land and take off during the workout. The camera occasionally leaves Gilad for a glimpse of ships, a nearby memorial, and other sights. You also see the camera guy every now and then. The music is a bit of a frantic synthesizer/drum machine mix. You wonít find yourself humming it later, but DH did say he found it motivating.

The 8:20 minute warm-up gets started right away with squats but then settles in for stretches and twists. The cardio segment is 35 minutes. Iíd put this workout in a high intermediate to solid advanced work. The default move -- hope you like it! -- is fake jump-roping. Gilad does not point it out, but you can easily modify by doing step-taps whenever he jumps rope, which would make this a high-beginner to solid intermediate workout, as well as friendlier to joints and feet. I should point out there is very little kicking in this kickboxing video. You donít need to be familiar with kickboxing to catch on either. Gilad is very good at setting up the routines; youíll catch on quickly. There is also no TIFTing, and the routines are basic and relatively short.

The jump rope aspect canít be understated. In between learning the kickboxing routines, you jump rope. If there is a lull or if Gilad wants you to hold the beat before introducing a new move in a routine, you jump rope. At one point, Gilad seems flustered and seems to stall for time before instructing slightly differently for one side than he did the first side. Anyway in this time, you jump rope. Other impact moves include jumping jacks and a small amount of plyo work including some gentle speed skaters.
The kickboxing moves include blocks, uppercuts, jabs, etc. When the cardio portion winds down, you perform some lunges.

Next is a 9:30 segment of strength training and cool down. Youíll need only one set of dumbbells, probably 8-12 #ís. Thereís not a lot of strength work. Because it is mostly compound exercises, itís not a waste, especially for your shoulders. Still, you may prefer to use this as a cardio only DVD (youíll miss out on some pushups but I wonít tell).

A word of warning, like another VFíer, I had a glitch with my DVD. Actually, itís several glitches that occur near the very end. I bought it super cheap from DD and didnít get around to doing it for a month or I would consider returning it. My cooldown is virtually un-useable, so I wonít review that. I can see that, as in so many Gilad workouts, everybody goes running with Gilad during the credits.

The short Behind the Scenes portion shows Gilad taking a tour of the ship, making jokes about the food, talking about the admiralís cap they let him wear, and training the crew for the workout. He also blows you a kiss at the end. (Secret Confession, I toyed with making that image a screen saver.)

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