Cuts & Curves

Gilad Janklowicz
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Total Body Workouts

This workout is about an hour long, but that includes a 15 minute warm up. Waaaay too long for me, so I just do my own thing.
This is a strength workout using tubing and weights. I go lighter on the weights than I do for most other workouts-- heck, for one exercise I am using three pound weights. I never use three pound weights!
Gilad starts with squats using tubing. For this exercise I se green tubing which is medium light resistance. These are done with feet at a 45 degree angle. Different counts are used and he has you do some dreaded low ends. He then works the shoulders with the tubing. Lunges use resistance tubing also. For this I use more resistance-- my red spri tubing. The interesting twist he adds is that he has you adduct your rear leg in for the last bunch of reps. Again, different counts are used. He then does some bicep work, including crazy eights, using the tubing. The last lower body exercise with tubing is one legged squats. For me, it is back to my lighter resistance tubing (green). Triceps are worked with tubing. He varies the count and has you do some halfway reps.
Now, done with the tubing it is time to pick up your weights. He works shoulders quite a bit, including rotator cuffs. He does some more tricep work-- kickbacks and an overhead press. The back is not worked as much-- just some rows on each side, but it is tough. Usually I use 16-24 pounds, but in this case 11 pounds is plenty for me. Gilad makes a big point of being done with shoulders when you are through with the main set, but shoulder and bicep work does appear again when working the calves. I don't feel like the calf work is especially effective. Finally, it is on to the floor for push ups, a push up variation that I cannot quite explain, pullovers and some flys.
All in all it moves pretty fast, and I feel thoroughly worked out. Gilad is his usual self-- goofy and charming. It is a nice outdoor setting, by the ocean. The music is nondescritpt. The actual strength workout is between 35-40 minutes. I would say this workout would be a little less modifiable to make easier than, say, A Cathe workout as weights used for me were already fairly low-- I used 3-11 pounds. Most exercises I used 5-8 pounds. Like I said, that is lower than I usually use.
No abs. This is OK for me. I usually tack on abs after a cardio workout.

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