Team Knockout Workout 1

Todd Gheisar
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

Team Knockout Workout 1 is an excellent, non-intimidating, & fun introduction to kickboxing. The video begins with an instructional segment that previews all of the basic kickboxing moves. It proceeds to a thorough warmup that includes some blocks and strikes that you won't see in every kickboxing workout. This is followed by a relatively brief punching/upper body section, and then the video moves to a chair workout to perfect those kicks. Using a chair is a great way to learn kicks, and it's harder than it may seem--you can really work the legs this way. Todd gives some very helpful form pointers in the final stretch, which I thought was just the right pace--not rushed, but not too dragged out either. My reservation about this workout is just that it's not intense enough for me as a cardiovascular workout. As an introductory workout, I give it high marks.

Instructor Comments:
Todd has what I consider a great personality in an instructor: he has fun with the workout, grooves to the music, and gives constant reminders on form. He's serious about kickboxing form and he's a lot of fun too.