Team Knockout Workout 1

Todd Gheisar
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

Well, Form Fanatics...Todd Gheiser wants YOU! I just completed workout 1 of his 3 tape kickboxing series. FYI, I am an instructor who teaches cardio kickboxing about 1x per week and I am not a martial arts expert by any means. I am in good cardio shape and know what to look for in a good instructor. Todd is an excellent coach and group fitness leader.

THE WORKOUT: The video starts off with an instructional segment on proper form, alignment etc. It is very well done and helpful, especially if you are new to kickboxing. The comments are right on.

Todd proceeds to a thorough warmup with some interesting moves I have not seen done often (some blocking and palm strikes that I'm sure will be in the more advanced videos).

He then does a short upper body segment with just jabs and crosses and a brief combo, which was not difficult, but filtered with good form points.

The workout transitions to a "chair" workout. Well, I wasn't too sure about this because I consider myself to be somewhat advanced in my kicks. Did I feel it? YES! Did I sweat? YES! This was an excellent series of drills working front snap kicks, roundhouse kicks and back kicks. The beginner to intermediate exerciser will love this tape (after all, it is WORKOUT 1).

THE SET: Looks very URBAN, with a basketball court look and graffiti art across the back.

THE CAST: Guess what!? Todd uses real people to populate his video! It was great to see all body types, form and kick levels.

THE MUSIC: Recognizable aerobic music, pitched down slightly so there are no jarring movements. Todd did not do any "tempo" or fast moves. This was all form and muscle work

TODD HIMSELF: Okay, I'll tell you...he's cute! With a George Clooney hair thing going on, he has a fit body and looks like he would be a great personal trainer. He has a nice, non intimidating attitude (no prima donna here) with a good sense of humor (I think he said "Oh, behave" once!)

THE PRODUCTION: Not the highest quality, but not bad. The audio was excellent and you could hear everything clearly.


He ended with a nice stretch/cool down - no floor work or abs. He's a winner! Todd's tapes can be purchased through his website, or

Janet O'Neil