G-Force Ultimate Step

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Step Aerobics

IĎve just done this tape for the first time this morning. It is Fun, Fun, Fun. The music is great and the choreography really goes along with the beat. All the instructors do good work in cueing and breaking the routine, so I get almost of it the first time through, but I still donít do all the propulsion moves. I think that the intensity is intermediate/low advance which is the appropriate level for me. The choreography is not too difficult to learn and fun to do and it really flows from one instructor to the others. The most difficult part for me is Patrick section. Not that it is too complex. But I always have a hard time to do any move that cross the leg over the step (my legs are short). There are some tricky switching legs in his section, but I can get it down in a few tries. I really like when Patrick says something sort of "You know me, I never keep anything too basic" before he shows a variation of some moves. I even rewind and do all the combos twice. It is true that in the beginning this workout seems to be a little sluggish and Patrick warm-up is somewhat repetitious (it hurts me to say so), but after a few minutes, everything will go by quickly and you will have a very good time. I would recommend this tape to any intermediate steppers who like some tricky choreography.

Instructor Comments:
I buy this tape just for Patrick and he is superb! Darrin is likable but I have a little problem with his cueing. Maybe it is just me but his voice is unclear and sometimes I canít make out what he is saying. But you probably wonít have this problem. Rob is a great choreographer for the step and I think this is the reason why they combine into G-Force. (Patrick for Hi/Lo, Rob for Step and Darrin for Funk). But I have to criticize his style of teaching. I think he does basic steps too much and even teaches the turnstep. But when his routine is fully built, it does shine. I hope these guys will come out with more and more tapes.