G-Force Superstep

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Step Aerobics

Super Step is my favorite step workout. It's complex yes, but once you get the moves down, it's a party. I never knew that sweating could be so much fun. Time flies by and I'm done! Rob's moves just flow so well that by the time Darrin starts to teach his step section, I'm missing Rob. But don't worry, After Darrin is done teaching his section of the step, you combine both Robs and Darrin's together. Patrick's section is the dessert! He is just so talented and his choreography is so tricky and fun! He then combines his section with Darrin's and Rob's sections twice. Then when you think you are done...no! He adds some fun ways to change the workout around so that it's different and you have to think about what section comes next. The whole workout is just so much fun that I had to make myself right a review. This workout needs to be in the Hall of Fame.

The set is CIA red set and they are wearing yellow T-shirts. The music is Dynamix. One of the songs is from Saturday Night Fever( I used to be addicted to my Saturday night fever album). I seem to recall their alot of 70's songs in the workout.

You will do alot of spinning in this video. I'm not talking about bike spinning. I'm talking about pivots!

Instructor Comments:
Rob Glick teaches very well and his step choreography is my favorite. He has a beard and looks like he could be one of the 3 muskateers.

Darrin Grove reminds me of Donny Osmond with the cutest legs. He leads the cooldown

Patrick Goudeau always gives the workout a complexity that challenges the brain as well as the body. He leads a fun warm-up.

Mandy Lee