G-Force Hi/Lo Challenge

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This is the first G-Force tape that I have a moment of thought to put it into exchange! No, I will never actually do that. It is not because itís not as good as their other tapes. On the contrary, it has such an excellent choreography and music. But as other reviewers said, it consumes so many space that I canít do it properly and still have a difficult time to modify. I am an intermediate exerciser. I believe that if I have enough space and if I can do this workout in full range of motion, my heart rate will soar up. Patrick does warmup with a fun routine. He does that X step (V step to the the front and to the back) like Christie in 7002. I wish I could say that this is my favourite warmup in all workout tapes, but -I have to say that I hate that punching he puts into the routine. I feel that it is incongruous and out of place. I have nothing against boxing and do it once in a while. This is the first time that I find Patrickís choreography to be awkward. And itís all because that punching step!

After the warmup, Darrin and Rob come up with interesting choreography. Compared to the Ultimate Hi/Lo, I like their routines in this tape much more. And Rob teaches much better in this tape. Although I think Rob is more talented on the step than on the floor IMHO. Then comes Patrick with his incredible combo. It is superb, it is excellent and it means that I cannot master it until now. Thatís why I love his choreography. He always challenges me. Because his footstep is complex but athletic, it is always in the realm of possibilities that I should be able to do it one day. Just keep going:) His Indecision combo is to do boxerís shuffle (and turn your body a little as if you donít know which direction to go) then turn and crossover, then leap high and into heel jack. (Sound so easy, huh?). Then you kick side to side and travel into power mambo, chasse to the back, lunge and jog to the front. During the time he teaches the routine, he makes us feign the leap. It is so funny. The three guys seem to have so much fun too.

Instructor Comments:
I just donít know why they go to film this series in Europe. But if they want to go there again, I just hope the Gs would climb up to the rooftop of some Czech castle and do the workout there. The bleak atmosphere of that warehouse is not their place. It does not fit with their airy and fun personality.