G-Force Hi/Lo Challenge

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

I have mixed emotions about this video. I am not much of a hi/lo fan. I got this video mainly because I like Patrick and Darrin. The workout starts off with a fun warmup with Patrick. He does some fun combos with a turn in it. He gets really SWEATY on the warmup. The music is really upbeat.

Then Darrins combo's were taught very slow with lots of step touches. I had to jog in place to keep my heartrate. I enjoyed his section a lot when he finally put it together! My heartrate was in the low part of it's target range. Darrin is just plain cute. The kind of guy you would have a crush on in highschool but you know he would never notice you! His music in his section is upbeat and fun. Then Rob did his combo and my heart dropped to lower than the warm up. He is definately not a dancer and looks like a guy trying to dance but can't. He must be a cycler because he has huge quadriceps!!!! His hair is slicked back. He has a nice smile.

His cueing is off though and his 8 counts were hard to do on carpet. Lots of turns that would be easy on hardwood but not carpet. I almost turned off the video but told myself that Patrick was coming. Boy was I glad I kept at it! Patrick was awesome! Yes, he does step touch too much but I was having so much fun on his combinations. Lot's of turns, foot work and more high impact. One is called Indecision and it was tough to learn at first but then once I got it, it was a blast! The only thing was he would do the combo and then STOP! and Step touch! "No Patrick! Don't step touch! Plueeeease keep going" But he would not. He finally put it all together only once. Then instead of going back to the top of Darrins combo then doing Robs(yawn..boring) combo then finish with Patrick( this is what they do in all their other video's), they didn't!

Patrick does his then they do Darrins and finish off with ROB! Ugh! I was so bugged because I wanted to finish off with Patricks section. Oh well, Cest La Vie! Then Rob cools you down with a boring cooldown and the goodbye isn't that exciting. He talks but you can't understand what he is saying. I wish Patrick did the cooldown or Darrin. Ok, I'm putting down Rob too much.

The set is in a factory somewhere in Germany and it looks like there are a bunch of smokers hiding behind one of the metal screens. Smoke comes shooting out of nowhere. The smoke made me feel like it was stuffy and unhealthy. During the cooldown, Rob is leaning over and the smoke looks like it's coming out of his rear end. How unattractive. The music for Patricks section was tons of fun!! It was the same song as Cathe's MIC hi/lo section. The last song. Super fun!

I don't know if I will keep the video. It really wasn't that challenging cardiovascularly. Too many step touches that would be annoying after a year of doing the tape over and over. But it would be a nice light workout to do the day after say, Cathe's Interval Max? Well, if you think Interval Max is your kind of workout, then maybe this G-force would be like the Firm Basics. Too easy.

I might keep this video just because Patrick is so great. He is the combo king of exercise videos!

I guess the reason why I have mixed emotions is that the moves are very complex but low impact. I don't think it would challenge the seasoned advanced home exerciser but the complex choreography is not for the beginner. I would say this video is intermediate intensity wise but advanced in choreography.

Instructor Comments:
Darrin is cute as a button and has some fun combos that are low impact but have lot's of turns. He teaches them slow with lots of step touches. When he puts it all together I love it! He is also encouraging and friendly instructor who flirst the most with the camera( winking, saying hi ect). Rob Glick just didn't do very well in my opinion. His combo's made my heartrate drop lower then the warmup. His cueing was off and he acted sorta nervous. He does get into the moves but they weren't that fun. Mostly low impact. Patrick was FABULOUS! My heartrate was so low after Robs that I almost turned off the video but forced myself to wait for Patrick. I'm glad I did! My heartrate shot up during his combo. It was mostly high impact with lots of tricky foot movements and turns and jumps. His cueing is perfect and his personality is contagious. You can only have fun fun with Patrick! This tape is worth every penny since Patrick is in it and Darrin too.

Mandy Lee