15 Minute Workouts for Dummies

Gay Gasper
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Total Body Workouts

gay spends 15 mins each on 'thighs', 'arms', 'buns' and 'abs', including around 3 mins at the start of each workout for a warmup and another couple at the end for some quick stretches.

gay has picked basic, straight-forward toning exercises for these workouts, which is great for a beginner, who these workouts are designed for.

advanced modifications are presented but gay uses only her body weight for all of the workouts except 'arms', so i had to modify the workout UP to suit myself. that was easy to do and
makes the workout accessible to a wide range of fitness levels. but i certainly think that advanced exercisers would get bored with these basic exercises.

personally, i dont do this workout that often and when i do, it is because im needing some strength work but nothing that is overly challenging both physically and mentally.

Instructor Comments:
i like gay gasper quite a bit.
she has alot of muscles :) and explains everything in a
very straight-forward manner, she cues well and always presents an example of excellent form.

Carolyn Visser