10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix

Jennifer Galardi
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

This workout has 5, 10-minute segments. The first three were dancing segments and the last two were toning segments done standing and with a dancey feel to them. I found the choreography pretty simple in this workout, but I also pick up steps quickly, so it may not be the case for you if you have trouble with choreography at all. The second dance segment especially may be one that would be more difficult if you have trouble picking up choreography. Jennifer Galardi leads the workout with 2 background exercisers. The music is nothing special, but not bad either. My only complaint about this workout is that each 10-minute segment has a very short cool down/stretch at the end. I would have liked it much better if they had put in a 10-minute cool down/stretch segment separate from the others. (I also love the orange workout outfit Jennifer wears in one segment!)

Instructor Comments:
Jennifer cues well and dances well. She also appears to be in great shape.