Step Jam

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Step Aerobics

Workout Type: Step Aerobics

Workout Length: 60 Minutes

Equipment needed: Long step is best.

Fitness Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Effectiveness: This tape makes you sweat and is simple enough for anyone to follow.

Music: Appropriate, good.

Presentation: This tape definitely keeps you entertained, and working hard, you forget the time as you are going from one move to another.

Cast: Cathe Friedrich and 4 students

Attire: Grey leotards. Cathe in white lycra shorts, the others in black lycra shorts.

The Set: Pearl beige color walls, with windows in middle and left corners, In the left corner a fireplace with plants.

The Warmup:
marching and arm movements,
then side steps and circle arms
1 min. later add grapevines and step knees
step hams to other side of step then back
later add calf pumps.
Stretches at 6min.
1st. Step Section: at 8 min.
Basic with arms up, curl then circle shoulders
Music: country hillbilly type music with a fun beat.
double foot jump onto box
hop turn (jump up on right foot, put left foot on other side)
at 10 min. puts together marching hops and hop turn.
at 10 min 30 sec. begins entire sequence left foot leads.
at 13 min. knees up corner to corner, (clap hands under knee)
music change...
corner to corner leg lifts side.
at 14 min. combo: corner to corner, straddle then hop turn around
at 15 min. horseshoe, then onto power horse. she does 4 and 4 of each.
at 16 min. diagonal hop turn then go overboard and 2 step knees
knee up and tap out with opposite foot.
at 17 min. says let's put all this together = 2nd combo.
does each move 4 times.
at 19 min. combines 1st and 2nd combos
music change.
at 22.40 Heart Rate Check
2nd. Step Segment
step up and tap off, run up and tap off
music: "this is love that I'm feeling"
basic several times...
Fun move: right leg on step then left hops there then right steps to other side.
alternating knee lifts.
at 25.30 min. Entire combo left leg leads.
at 28 min. Combo 4:
T-step insole and a side two feet up.
then 3 steps on floor insole come back and side up to step.
at 29.30 adds power to t-step
at 30 min. repeater then shuffle repeater, then front step 2 feet hop on step.
at 32.30 min. puts this together with run run lunge.
at 34 min. Music change - more base.
at 35.40 min Heart Rate Check
3rd. Step Segment
combo: 2 repeaters, step hop on step.
hop turn, and goes to the end of step. then scoots along step to other side.
then knee up straddle.
at 40 min.
new combo: L-step on board, 2 to the right side up.
then knee off the back. (several times this combo.)
up, jack on the board, step off,
jack, rock and repeaters.
combine these with previous combo.
at 46 min.
combo: 2 diagonal basic 2 repeaters 2 knees airborne
march on step, diagonal lunges.
at 47.30 min. - hamstring curls, corner to corner, step over to other side of step.
then jump kick then run run.
combines precious combo to this one.
at 51 min. all combos in 3rd step segment

at 55 min. Cooldown
easy side steps, several grapevines.
at 57.20 min. stretching: including runner's lunge.
at 60 min. End.

Total Rating: - On a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) I give it a 10 !...

My Opinion: If you are looking for a good step workout, this is it! If you are looking to learn and improve on step, this is it! You start with simple choreography that little by little leads you to more complex moves that are do-able even for beginners, after some practice. Each step segment takes you from simplest to more complex moves, never becomming overly difficult.

Instructor Comments:
Although Cathe is usually gears for Advanced, the clear and concise cueing allows you to follow every step, even as she gets more and more complex (but fun) moves later in the tape.