Step Jam

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Step Aerobics

The first time I tried Step Jam, I was frustrated by the complicated choreography, especially in the third section. I could get some of less complex stuff and the moves that were similar to those in Mega Step, Step Max, and Step Heat (the Cathe Step videos that I've mastered--I'm working my way through her catalogue, chronilogically).

I'm stubbon and decided to not to throw in the towel. Today was my second attempt at the video. Much to my surprise, I really concentrated, listened to her instruction, and was able to do ALL the combinations except a shuffle repeater move that is going to take some practice. Cathe--as always--is an excellent teacher. If you really listen to her instructions and take your time, you'll catch on. It's so satisfying to master her complex moves and it keeps you challenged.

The video is fun. Other reviewers haven't enjoyed this one as much as Cathe's other tapes, but since I've been able to do 99% of the moves, I really like it. There's a lot of power in this one, so it's a tough workout. While Step Max remains my favorite of Cathe's earlier stuff, I think Step Jam is right up there.

The music--except for the goofy country stuff--is good. Poor Cathe seems like she's trying to convince herself that it isn't that bad when she makes the comments about it being "cute" and having a hoe down. Luckily, the hootenany theme isn't prevalent throughout the whole tape. I felt like we should be stepping on bales of hay instead of steps!

I recommend this tape to anyone who enjoys Cathe's step workouts. It's a solid, sweat-inducing workout and the choreography will keep you challenged.