Step Jam

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Step Aerobics

First I should say that this is a very challenging, creative workout from one of the best instructors out there. I own most of Cathe's tapes, so please take these comments as being relative to my feelings about Cathe's other videos, which are better than nearly all of my other step videos.

For some inexplicable reason, this video just didn't "grab" me the way that PowerMax and Step Max did. Step Jam contains some of Cathe's best choreography, but unfortunately, the video just isn't as much fun for me as PowerMax or Step Max. I find myself getting distracted during it instead of really getting into the rhythm of it.

Again, this is just my gut reaction--I don't really have any good reason to feel this way. I just find myself pulling PowerMax off the shelf instead of Step Jam every time! The one criticism I can can pinpoint is that I found both the warm up and cool down to be less inspired than Cathe's usual fare.