Body Blast: Step Jump and Pump

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

First, I want to say that I am by no means a die-hard Cathe fan. I like Cathe and I highly respect her as well. She has put out some of the best strength workouts on the market today.

I have all of Cathe’s workouts and it has been a fascinating journey watching Cathe evolve over the years. I have no idea how Cathe can continue to put out one excellent series after another. Yes, this is a whole series that she put outs at a time, not just one or two workouts a year. Each time I receive her newest series, I am blown away by the job she has done and the fabulous shape Cathe and her crew are in. This latest series is produced months after Cathe’s second child. How in the world does she find the to put so much time and effort creating new strength workouts, that are indeed fresh and new choreography for her Step Blast, Kick Punch & Crunch and Step Jump and Pump workouts!?

So far, the Body Blast series has literally swept me off my feet, but the workout that I am truly smitten with is, Step Jump and Pump. I must say that to me this workout is near perfection.

Prior to this workout, Christi Taylor, Marcus Irwin and Kristen Kagen in Step this Way 1 were the top instructors who could really work the music. Cathe has finally achieved this status. Cathe really works the music in Step Pump and Jump. From the first song in the warm-up, Abracadabra to the very last song during the stretch, Linger, each routine fits the music to a tee.

Step, Pump, & Jump is 75-minute long. The workout starts with a step warm-up. You will then do a 16-minute step routine that is packed with fun choreography. After the step routine, it is then time for the hi/lo and strength segments. This segment is 40 minutes long. You will do 5 minutes of hi/lo followed by 5 minutes of weight training.

I have copied and pasted the breakdown of the workout with the accompanying songs:

Warm up....Abracadabra

Combo 1...Instrumental
Combo 2....Kung Fu Fighting
Combo 3....Golden Eye
Combo 4....Spin Me Round

Hi/lo & weights

Hi/lo (5 min)..........Rebel Rebel
Squats/Deadrows/deadlifts (5 min....Sleeping Satellite)

Hi/lo (5 min).......Holding On For A Hero
biceps curls/side lateral raises/front raises/rear delt raises (5 min....Freedom)

Hi/lo (5 min) ......Heaven Is A Place On Earth
lunges (5 min....Breakfast at Tiffany's)

Hi/lo (5 min) ......Instrumental
bench press/ chest flys/tricep extensions (5 min....Without You)

Abs (6 min....Dreams)

Stretch (5 min....Linger)

Instructor Comments:
Cathe really shines in this workout. Not only is she in fabulous shape, but Cathe's choreography has evolved in a good way.

Debbie Stout