Body Blast: Step Jump and Pump

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

This workouts is similiar to Body Max but with a new twist. You start off with a really fun fun step workout with lots of new choreography and upbeat music. It was just enough step workout to wet my step appetite. I love step! Then you do hi/lo-weight training circuits. Each hi/lo section is followed by weight training doing 1 set for each muscle group(lower body,biceps,shoulders, back, triceps). Alternating lower body with upper body. Cathe uses a barbell for legs and does squats and then deadlift w/ rows or stationary lunges. Upper body work is side delt raises and front raises, biceps curls w/ barbell, chest press and chest flies using dumbbells on the step and then lying tricep French press on the step(Cathe uses barbell). Cathe does alot of high impact but on the last hi/lo workout, she gives you a more low impact workout. But she does put on hi/lo blasts so be prepared for some interval workout too! Whew! The workout finishes w/ ab work on the floor. Its just traditional killer Cathe ab work to a great song. Cathe ends with a wonderful stretch.
I usually don't like hi/lo aerobics but you can easily modify the hi/lo on your rebounder or I just pulled out my slide and did sliding for all the hi/lo part. It was fun and didn't take long to take my slide boots on and off.

Instructor Comments:
CAthe's cueing and form is perfect. A real down to earth instructor that is laughing,sweating and working hard along with you.