Body Blast: Step Blast

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Step Aerobics

Fun, fun, fun! I am an intermediate exerciser working on learning more complex choreography. Before the last six months I wouldn’t have dared to even try this workout. I like the way Cathe teaches this so that you learn a first, second and then third combo and each combo increases in complexity. I enjoyed learning the new (to me) choreography and was able to get through it fairly well. The first time I had the most trouble with the segment that has the ricochets—I was always ending up on the wrong leg. It didn’t affect my workout really, but I was telling myself, ‘darn it, you’re on the wrong leg again!’ The second time it was the fast foot repeaters that tripped me up—I was always starting and ending on the wrong side of the step. I also liked that the first three combos were fairly steady state aerobics with no intervals or blasts and not a huge amount of high impact. By the time we got to the blasts in the last segment, I knew the choreography well enough to get through it and go all out on the blasts and high impact moves. I enjoyed the music, too, but don’t always notice it unless I really dislike it.

Karen (Rhae)