Body Blast: Step Blast

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Step Aerobics

First Impressions: I like this one, and I
didn't pick up all the choreo right away,
so I'll be able to grow a little with it. I
only did the main step section (no
challenge/blasts) the first time -- I was
feeling a bit tired so I decided to cut it
short. I did pause the DVD and repeat
combo 3 several times on my own at a
slightly slower pace so I could get it. I
could do the fast foot repeater when
she was teaching it, but once it was in
the combo I had trouble and needed
some practice.

I think the intensity level is pretty good
-- high if you include the power moves
and give it your all, but modifiable to a
lower intensity by leaving out some of
the power stuff and skipping the blasts.
Once I know the choreo well, I intend
to sometimes do a timesaver version of
this one using the warmup, challenge,
blasts and cooldown/stretch only.

Overall, I liked the music in this one
(and "1999" didn't bother me during
the workout as much as I thought it
would). Remakes of recognizable 80s
& 90s (and maybe a couple 70s)
songs. I think Cathe actually may have
a list of the songs on her web site.

There are things I really have to "think"
about with the choreo until they begin
to come naturally: 1) remembering
which foot to use to step out of the
"slam on the corners" move; 2)
remembering which foot leads in the
double ricochet; and 3) remembering
to only do two toe taps during the fast
foot repeater (I want to keep going like
in Imax 2!).

Final Verdict: This is still one of my
step favorites. I never did master that
"slam the corner" move in the first
combo, so I always modify to a side-up
type of move instead. I really wish the
choreo in that spot would flow a little
better, but I can work around it. Other
than that, the choreography is
interesting and complex, but still very

I do enjoy the challenge/blasts section,
although I haven't used it quite as
much as I thought I would. I absolutely
love having that option on DVD to do
the finished combos and skip the
learning phase.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe's cueing in this one is pretty
consistent with what we've come to
expect from her -- right on the ball. If
you're used to Christi Taylor's cueing,
though, Cathe's may seem a little late
by comparison. But the timing is just
right for me.

Lynne Lounsbury