Low Impact Step plus Total Body Sculpting DVD

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

Low Impact Step was probably created by Cathe in answer to pleas from many fans to create a low impact workout. It is not truly a beginner workout as is Basic Step. There is a little more choreography and it is a little more intense than that workout.
The workout begins with a short warm up and there is more choreography than I expected. She has you moving all around the step from the start. There are some brief stretches that are more dynamic in nature.
The actual workout is divided into two sections with two combinations being taught in each section. You do not combine both combinations at the end. Once you learn one and run through it a few times, it is done. The set up is very similar to Kari Anderson's Go, but there is definitely more choreography here. As in Go, the second section is more intense. Unlike Go, each segment has a short "intensity blast" following it. These are not nearly as intense as those you might be familiar with from other workouts and they are all low impact.
Cathe's combinations include triples around the steps, kicks on the corner, around the worlds, cha chas and mambos, and pendulums across the step among other moves. If you are familiar with Cathe's choreography, the workout will be a cinch for you to pick up. I did not feel that Cathe spent a large amount of time breaking down the moves. To me, the teaching seemed minimal. I felt she teaches more in some of her more advanced workouts. For a true beginner, the workout would probably be a little confusing, but doable with some practice. The short length also helps to make it more appropriate for a beginner.
The second intensity blast which is a series of leg abductions and torso twists with your leg on/ off the side of the step. It is more intense than the first. I would have preferred more choreography rather than these blasts, but they are not too long and do get the heart rate up a little more.
The workout clocks in at 37 minutes including cool down and stretch. The first aerobic segment is shorter than the second. In fact, it is only 7 minutes long. The second aerobic segment is about 12 minutes long. With intensity blasts, the aerobic body of the workout is appoximately 28 minutes long.
There is a short strength program too. I have not done it. It looks decent, but nothing about it really stands out. It uses the stability ball for all the exercises. One thing that is nice about it is that it is a total body workout that can be completed in 25 minutes (with warm up). I find most of Cathe's strength workouts are much longer than I care to do.
The music is instrumental. I think it gets better as the workout progresses. Some songs have a techno feel to them.
The set is god-awful. Lots of "classical antiquity" statuary and the obiquitous fake plants.
The workout is reminiscent of Rhythmic Step, but less complex and less intense.

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