Low Impact Circuit

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Low Impact circuit is a great workout. It clocks in over an hour, and with the bonus 9 minute cardio section its sure to work you til you are about to drop :) I liked this workout a lot. I consider myself very advanced and love Cathe's workouts. She starts off with a really fun warm up that got my heart pumping. The workout then consists of three circuits. Each starts out with a step routine, followed by a blast. She then moves in to leg work with light weights and works a different upper body muscle each time. There are three circuits in all. The first weight works your shoulders. The next is biceps (with a new twist) and finally you work your back and chest. Lots of variety and the time flies by. You then do an 8 min ab section with no equipment needed, followed by a stretch. There is an option for a bonus cardio which is 9 minutes long. its a step routine followed by a blast. This is the icing on the cake and will tire you out. Equipment needed for this workout is a step, a band, a mat, a barbell (cathe uses 20 pounds) and hand weights (she uses 5 pounds but i upped some to 8 or 10).
A great workout and challenging with tons of variety.

Instructor Comments:
What can i say? she is the queen of workouts and my absolute favorite instructor. She delivers a great workout each and everytime and never fails to disappoint. great attitude and sense of humor and her cueing is excellent