Body Blast: Kick, Punch and Crunch

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2003

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

I consider myself very advanced but my asthma keeps me from exercising as hard as I'd like to and I know I can. I've done A LOT of Billy Blanks & Turbo Jam & Cathe's three other kicboxing videos so that's what I'm comparing this to. This workout, in a nutshell doesn't kill you, but it works you hard. I happen to love, and strive for workouts that let you up or down the intensity to your own level rather than workouts that push you to your death (IMAX 3) without much room for alternate easier moves. What I loved about this workout was that it is very well rounded - works everything, from arms to waist to abs to legs to Cardio, gets the heart rate uo with moves are interesting and fun to do and the Ab workout at the end is exactly what I described above - hard and you can make it harder but doesn't kill and sometimes I think that the intensity level of this workout is really all one needs - workouts like IMAX3, Bodymax 2, Billy's Bootcamp, in my opinion, even though I'm quite advanced, go over the top to an unnecessary level. I actually felt my abs burning which for me is a miracle b/c I find so many of these ab routines work everything BUT the abs, i.e., the hip flexors, the back, etc. I actually burned right in my abs on top of that ball and the planks and pikes were awesome. I will do this one again and again. I really liked it. I won't say loved, but almost!!!

Instructor Comments:
I work out with Cathe almost exclusively and I have yet to see her as into a workout as she was this one. Her background exercisers are the same ones from Kickmax so I guess those are her "kickboxers". I liked her a lot in this video. Moreso than any of the others.

Evelyn Jenkins