High Step Training

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

This video is a great addition to an advanced exerciser's collection. The circuit style workout is a great way to get a solid workout in a shorter amount of time. My heartrate stayed up through the whole workout!

There are five cycles that each begin with two minute "cardio blasts". These are fairly simple moves, but tough to get through! For example, 2 knee repeater with power scissors. They keep your heart rate up through the weight work that follows.

After the cardio blasts, you move into lower body work and then upper body work. All five cycles incoportate leg presses, then one other great leg exercise.

After leg work, each cycle then incoporates upper body. These are tough! Each cycle hits a different body part with 3 or 4 exercises each: , triceps (one arm dips nearly kill me!!), shoulders, biceps, back and chest.

Since the core was incorporated into many of the exercises, there's no separate core segment, but I still feel like my abs get a solid workout as well.

I use my standard step vertically and just adjust it between the cardio and lifting segments and there is usually plenty of time.

This has become a new staple in my workout rotation. I like the DVD options of mixing up the workouts. For example, you can choose to do just the cardio--only 12 minutes, but you'll feel like you did 30! I like to combine the cardio with either upper or lower body and then do one last cardio only cycle to finish it off.

I've heard and read over and over that variation to continuously shock your body is the key to keep yourself from hitting a plateau, and that is exactly what this video delivers! I can't wait to see what Cathe comes up with next!

Instructor Comments:
I really enjoy Cathe's instructing style. She stays upbeat, but not hyper or "yappy."