High Step Training

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics

I'm not new to Cathe, but thought this DVD would be a great way to get back into her workouts. I consider myself to be an advanced level exerciser, but have been on hiatus from Cathe's workouts for a few years now.

Well I'm very happy that I ordered High Step Training. This is an advanced level circuit training workout that has a little of everything. It has cardio, heavier upper body weight training, and endurance lower body weight training. There is no traditional ab work but Cathe explains that you do work your core with some of the other exercises included in this workout.

This workout consists of five fitness cycles that includes intense cardio using the high step, lower body work, and upper body work. Being a Firm Believer from years ago, I was thrilled that Cathe included leg presses in this workout. But be warned, leg presses are in all five lower body cycles! So if you really hate leg presses, this may not be the workout for you.

The cardio is intense and advanced but for me the moves are more athletic and very easy to follow since they are all on the high step. I don't have a "high step" but I use my old fashoned Step Company health club step facing the tv vertically for all the cardio sections and it works fine. For the segments requiring adjusting the height of the high step (mostly the lower body segments), I just use my old Firm fanny lifter. There is enough time in the workout to move the fanny lifter since Cathe allows time to adjust the high step from the cardio to weights segments.

I absolutely love the upper body weights segment and that is a big complement coming from me. I consider upper body weight work to be the equivilant of eating my veggies. I know I have to do it, but no matter the video or workout, working the upper body is usually so boring to me. But not in this DVD! I love the upper body work and the time seems to fly by since you are working one or two muscle groups per cycle.

I know Cathe designed this new series of workouts using the high step mostly for the beginner/intermediate crowd, but I think this workout series, especially the High Step Training DVD, is a great way to introduce/reintroduce advanced exercisers (like myself) to Cathe.

I have some of Cathe's step workouts but never really got into her strength workouts. Actually, prior to ordering this workout, I hadn't ordered a Cathe Strength training workout in 4-5 years and it has probably been that long since I've done one. Well thanks to High Step Training, I've been doing some major catching up (via my credit card) with Ms. Friedrich and have ordered other workouts from the Intensity and Body Blasts series. I'm absolutely loving them! I've been on a Cathe rotation for several weeks now and have not sweated or worked so hard for a long time! This is one old friend that I'm happy I caught up with.

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Tiffanee Saunders