Hardcore: IMax 3

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Step Aerobics

I am 17 years of age and have doing fitness videos for four consecutive years (after doing ballet, sports, and the like). I am tall and thin, yet strong and lean. I am an advanced exerciser, and I enjoy step aerobics, kickboxing, weight training and Yoga, and I LOVE doing Cathe's workouts.

The two best sources to buy this DVD are Collage and Cathe's website, which are the same for all her other workouts. It's $26.95, but well worth it due to its premixes and quality. All you need to do this workout is a step bench and lots of energy!

Imax 3 is comprised of 10 aerobic/anaerobic cycles, along with recovery periods, that get progressively harder as the workout goes on. You start off the cycle with a step combo, which are complex (turns, pivots, direction changes, etc.), but really fun! I think they are creative and innovative, which will shock one's metabolism. Then you "accelerate" and move on to the "goodies", as Cathe affectionately calls them. They are TOUGH!! However, after doing the workout several times, my stamina and endurance through those blasts has improved significantly. They consist of things like straddle taps, over- the-tops, plyo squats, plie jacks that really jack up my HR (no pun intended), tuck jumps, any jump that was ever known to mankind, "starbursts" and these really tough things where you do a single knee, lunge right then left for about 37 times ON BOTH SIDES! Ouchie! The recovery periods are very short, but ample, because Cathe lengthens and shortens them based on the rigor of the previous blast. These are simply marches, side steps, and step knees.

I cannot stress this enough: this is a KILLER workout and should only be used by advanced exercisers that are used to Cathe's workouts and can follow complex step combinations without a lot of instruction on them. And obviously, you must have both cardiovascular and muscular stamina (especially in the lower body).

I really enjoy Cathe's workouts, and this workout didn't disappoint me. It is challenging, and took a couple times to really nail, but nevertheless it was a lot of fun. I can see myself doing this workout for quite a while and not getting bored with it, because you can jump higher, lengthen the blasts by going through the recovery doing jacks, etc as your heart strenghtens. It is also really motivating to see Cathe and her crew looking so awesome and strong. I am looking forward to Imax 4 (hopefully)!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is the best in the business, IMO. She is professional, yet not stiff like Karen Voight. Cathe, therefore, is personable and motivating, and her charisma can get you through even the hardest workout and challenge your body like no one else can. She is my idol, and I could rave about her for hours. Many people would agree with me that she is just wonderful. She has definitely found her niche.