Body Fusion

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

This workout DVD consists of one cardio step workout (basic step), one 45 minute circuit workout (body fusion), one 20 minute upper body strength workout, one 20 minute lower body strength workout, and a stability ball abdominal workout (10 min). I have gotten more bang for the buck out of this DVD in the year 2004 than any other DVD I own, new or old. The production quality is very high, the music I thoroughly enjoy, and all the workouts are very enjoyable to me. I have been in something of a a workout slump over the last few months, and Cathe and crew have kept me going with this fabulous gem of a DVD. Any of the workouts here are suitable for someone who is an experienced exerciser but desires a less-strenuous alternative than Cathe's other workouts. These workouts have no fear factor, yet once I begin my workout, although they are easier than Cathe's usual fare, she still weaves her inspiring attitude into the routines, to push you a little farther than you thought you could handle.

The step routine consists of a warm up and two combos. The choreography is nothing complex, yet it is interesting enough to keep me pulling out the workout (for your reference, I prefer non-complex choreography but I do use all of Cathe's step routines. She is as complex as I get, but I love her step workouts). I find the the music motivating, as well as Cathe's great attitude and teaching style. The time length is perfect when you are trying to talk yourself into a workout. For some reason, 25 minutes is easier to swallow than 30, when half of your brain is trying to talk you out of the workout. Inevitably, I end up repeating sections to end up with a longer length cardio section anyway, because I am enjoying myself so much.

The Body Fusion workout is a 45 minute circuit workout which has three cardio step routines sandwiched with three sometimes-compound weight sections. This is a workout which again has that deception factor. There is no dread involved going in to the workout. It's very easy to handle. You never do a strength section or even a move for so long that you are truly uncomfortable, yet, there is always a way to make it a little tougher if you want to. Also, it is very, very easy to repeat a section because it is so well- chaptered. I find myself doing this a lot. It's a great little workout.

The upper and lower body sections pack a good punch for 20 minutes, and incorporate bands as well, which I feel gives nice variety and flavor to the workout.

The stability ball abs is perfect. It's still Cathe abs, but toned down a bit.

One thing that strikes me about this DVD after doing it over and over, is that Cathe has nailed the 'intermediate' level workout, yet the Cathe-ness is still intact. It just feels a leetle-bit harder than it might if it were another instructor (and maybe it is).

Anyway, to sum up, I am so very pleased with this DVD. It is a contemporary classic in my opinion. I would wholeheartedly recommend it, if you're looking for an easier alternative to Cathe that is still Cathe, if you want a non-complex step routine that is not hard to master but doesn't slow you down, if you want Cathe's high production values and style but an alternative for an easier day, if you want a bridge to other Cathe workouts.

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