Body Fusion

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

Body Fusion
I just did the Body Fusion workout. Having done it just this once, I would say this is definitely intermediate, not beginner. I think...but then again, I added power to most of the moves, used a larger step than Cathe and crew, and went much higher on the weights than they did. This one doesn't use tubes, just hand weights.

As stated by someone else, it is three cardio segments (each about 8 minutes) with weight work interspersed between the cardio.

The cardio segments are well cued, I thought. I felt like Cathe was cuing BEFORE the move, as opposed to DURING the move, as I feel she sometimes has a tendancy to do. The mini routines are pretty basic, taught in an add-on style. They include basics, hop turns, two-knee-repeater with a scissor, in-out-in repeaters, over-face-in-over, rhythmic L, over the top (long way), mambo/pivot on the corner, uneven lunges and swim lunges... That's all I can remember. Each combo has about four moves (?) strung together, taught at a nice pace, and repeated several times. Not complex, but not totally boring, either. I think someone new to step will be challenged but not overwhelmed by this choreography. I am a choreography junkie, so this doesn't thrill me, but I was actually expecting it to be more basic than it was, so I was pleasantly surprised.

The first two weight segments include leg and upper body work. The first segment is squats with overhead presses during some of the squats; then you switch and do static lunges with side delt raises.
The second weight segment is rear lunges off the step with a kick at the top, done at various tempos. Then you do bicep curls in the traditional and hammer curl positions.
The third weight section is all upper body, with deadrows, rear delt flyes, tricep kickbacks, and pushups (3 slow sets of 8, I think, with modifications shown for beginner, intermediate, and big girl.) ** The menu states this includes a deadrow/deadlift combo, but it doesn't actually include deadlifts.

I didn't find the weight work challenging, even with the increased weights I used, but my heart rate stayed elevated throughout the entire workout. The weight segments are quite short--only about 2 minutes for each entire segment. I would only count this workout as a cardio. The weight sections are a nice way to break the workout up, but I don't think they will do anything in terms of strength or endurance. However, I know that if I were just starting out these weight segments WOULD be challenging, and I would probably consider it a weight day. Certainly for the chest, at least--3 sets of slow pushups are a lot for a beginner!

I enjoyed this, and I think it (and the High Step Intermediate workout) will be a good "light bootcamp" style of workout. Beginners can work their way up and intermediates will be set. Advanced people can up the intensity with power, heavy weights and higher step height, or do none of those and just use it as an easier Cathe day.

Instructor Comments:
I thought Cathe did a really good job in this one. She seems like herself, the moves and segments flow together well, and she seems more comfortable doing this level of workout than she did during my preview of Basic Step. I thought she provided adequate form pointers, too.