Pure Strength Vol. 1: Strong Legs and Abs

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Lower Body Strength

Wow! There is only one word to describe this workout: brutal. Cathe completely fatigues the quads,hamstrings,and glutes standing and then she burns out the inner and outer thighs and glutes on the floor. All FIRM fans will remember the infamous "hover squats" during the end of Vol. 7. Cathe takes this advanced exercise and makes it even harder. By this point, even Cathe's quads are shaking.

I am an advanced exerciser. I teach a very difficult Boot Camp class,spinning,and many other advanced class. So I concider myself in pretty good shape. Today I wanted to really challenge myself so I loaded my barbell to 60ILBS and used 20ILBS dumbells. I first did the leg workout from MIS then I did this workout. After that I did the 10 minutes of floor workout from Tae Bo and then I ended with one more set of sit and stand squats. Let me tell you, I had to crawl to my computer to submit this review. I could barely stand up from my chair and right now my legs are still burning.

If you are an advanced workout, and want to push your quads to the limit this workout is for you!

p.s.- the abs workout at the end is pretty tough too!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is amazing. There is no trainer more professional. She is so down to earth. She really knows how to make a killer workout, and motivate you to push through it.

Danielle Derry