Maximum Intensity Strength

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Total Body Workouts

I'm reviewing this after almost a year of doing it. After Pure Strength came out, which is far more thorough, I was afraid MIS was going to fade into the background *gulp*. This tape is my first love, the one that that introduced me to gym-style lifting, the one that gave me most of the muscle I have. Before it, I was doing mostly one or two FIRM tapes for weight training. MIS is tough, but I was definitely an intermediate exerciser at best when I bought this and not only was it not too tough but I progressed very quickly. This video is very adaptable to your fitness level.

I do miss the feeling of doing this entire video and feeling a real sense of accomplishment-- I'd do it on my first day off during my work week and after 75 minutes, all the frustration of the week had just melted off. The music is great, Cathe is a lot of fun and the form pointers and positive attitude made me love weight training even more. For awhile there I just really wanted to do nothing but this video. Now I use this video to cross train with others, especially Cathe's new Pure Strength series, which shocked my system and gave me more development very quickly.

The only things I don't like about this video are:

1. The leg work goes awfully fast, and your heart rate sometimes gets so high that you can't focus on what you're doing. PS Legs is far better, but MIS legs doubles for me as a good cardio workout too, since I'm gasping and panting at the end.

2. I never saw any chest development with this tape, and I think it's because she does all the chest work on a flat bench. My recommendation would be to do all the chest work on an inclined bench so you can hit those visible upper chest muscles. Maybe others' experience would be different, but I have a very large chest and so development is difficult to see anyway.

3. No calf work! It's hard to have muscular-looking legs without calf work, even if you have natural calves.

But, if I had to pick one tape in my collection I could never give up that is worth its weight in gold, it is this tape. I don't think any collection is complete without it, even if you own Cathe's new Pure Strength series. So this is a year's worth of MIS experience talking, rather than just a couple of sessions or a previewing. This tape ridded me of my cellulite. No kidding. You will see results with this tape and come to think of Cathe as your personal trainer very quickly.

Sara Whitney