Maximum Intensity Strength

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Total Body Workouts

Finally an advanced workout using heavy dumbells that I can do besides the Firm. It definately does not have the set or "feel" of the Firm but after I finished this workout, I have to say it is tougher than the Firm. The music is good too. I would say that this workout is sorta like Cory Everson's Get Hard Arms and Shoulder's workout. Cathe does a lower body section, back section, shoulder section, chest section, bicep section and tricep section and ab work.

I think Cathe's standing leg work is the best I've seen. There is no floorwork. My inner thighs were killing me with the plies and I have never had plies work for me! Thanks to Cathe, I might be doing them more than inner thigh work. I used my 27 1/2 lb barbell for all the standing work. It was tough although I think I will try 30 lbs next time. I used my 12 lbs dumbells for the dips off the step and dips on the ground. I was thinking that you can replace the dips with Tall box if those of you Firmer's can't do without the tall box. I might try it next time. I wish she did another set of deadlifts. That was a little disappointing but the rest is the best! I might add more deadlifts next time I do it.

I took off 7 1/2 lbs of my barbell for the back work but wish I hadn't. It was a little too easy for me. I used 15lb dumbell for lat row. Boy was my back feeling good after the back work! then I used my 20 Lb barbell for chest work and my 12 lb dumbells. I could barely finish the second set of pushups! I can't believe how strong Cathe is by using 20 lbs for chest flies. We are going to get really strong in our chest if we keep consistant with the chest work. Then the shoulders work was tough with a 20 LB barbell but I could have gone up a couple pounds for the upright rows but the 20 lb barbell was perfect for the bicep work. whew! Those crazy eights are tough! I love it though. For the tricep work, The tricep dips are killers!!! I'm going to add them all the time to my workout. Cathe has you using the barbell for resistance by cradling it your lap. Oh, I forgot to say that I love the way she tells you to hold your barbell for the plies, it really helped me with my form. I used 7 lbs for tricep kickbacks but had to go down to 6. Cathe is so strong to use 10 Lbs!!! I am still amazed. I love her ab work too.You never get a rest. My chest was quivering so much when I was doing the chest work squeeze with the abs that I had to put my hands behind my head to modify. Excellent music for the ab work! Music is really important for me when I workout. It has to be very motivating and I think Cathe did a superb job at picking great music. Everything about this workout is thumbs up for me!

My buns and hamstrings and quads were burning so much! More than ever. It sorta was the same feeling I feel when I do the Firm 1 lower body floor work but without having to go down on the floor.

I highly recommend this tape to any advanced exerciser. You will not be dissappointed!

Instructor Comments:
For me Cathe is the Queen of Step and now she has come up with a fantastic total body advaced weight training video. Her form and cueing are great. I like the fact that she is using heavy weights to challenge herself on this video. You are sweating away with her. You can see her getting to failure when she barely can make the last overhead press rep! Cathe's face has always reminded me of Princess Diana and now with Cathe's new haircut that looks like Princess Di's, she's a Princess Diana look-alike. I think Princess Di will live on through Cathe. Maybe I should call her the Princess of step.

Mandy Lee