Maximum Intensity Strength

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Total Body Workouts

What can I say that Wendy hasn't already said?? I love this video and plan on doing it twice a week. I feel this video will really build muscle and burn fat. Cathe sheds new light on the use of a barbell and I think you can really grow with this workout. My legs were shaking so much when I got done with the lowerbody workout I knew it was going to be tough!! I love how you get to stretch out after each little segment, at least you get a little well deserved rest. Cathe is constantly giving pointers on form and she really seems to know what she is talking about in this video. Cathe is more toned than I have ever seen her, you can tell she has worked very hard to produce this video. I highly recommend it even to the beginner, you can start light and go heavier as you get stronger or really challenge yourself. During the second set of military presses you can see Cathe shaking the whole way up and back down so she is working just as hard as you are. Excellent video!!!

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is at her best in this video. She has a no nonsense approach and I love her teaching style.

Dawn Henson