Slow and Heavy: Legs and Shoulders

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I use this series differently than the majority of Vfers. I rarely spend an entire hour doing strength work Ė I prefer to do aerobics followed by 10 to 30 minutes of strength. I let these sit unused for the longest time, because I never seemed to find the time to devote a whole hour to one of them. Then it dawned on me (duh) there was no need to do the entire thing Ė these are perfectly broken up into 10-minute-or-so sections, and I can just tack them on to the cardio. Once I had that stroke of brilliance :) these became absolute favorites. I do one to three sections at a time, and, as everyone else has pointed out, the exercises are very challenging, so I donít feel Iím missing a thing. I go a little heavier than I would if I were doing a whole hour, so it probably all balances out in the end anyway. This series is so complete and perfect that Iíve been able to weed out my collection a lot. Between these, Giladís Quick Fit, and Cory Everson, I feel Iíve got all I need or want (till the next Cathe series comes out, anyway :) ). Grade A+.

Annie S.