Slow and Heavy: Biceps and Triceps

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

Before I start Iíd like to give you a little background. My preferred method of lifting is abbreviated training (compound lifts, heavy weights, and very little isolation work) and I was looking for a change when I picked up the Slow and Heavy tapes. This is a very different style of lifting than Iím used to.

The biceps and triceps tape continues the 2 count 6 count rep scheme of the other two tapes in the series. But this tapes feels as though itís much too high volume given the size the muscles weíre working here compared to the muscles in the legs and core.

She starts out with one of my least favorites, the overhead french press/elbow killer. It's all 3 sets of 8 again. Then goes into triceps extensions when you're lying on your back, then kickbacks, then dips. Now why would you put dips after all of those? Why not do it first since it's one of the heaviest exercises? I like doing the hardest ones first. Maybe she didnít do them at the beginning because after the isolation work the triceps give out well before the chest which also gets hit with the dips.

Then it's into biceps work dumbbell curls, hammer curls, and barbell curls. Same count scheme. Why do 4 triceps exercises and only 3 biceps exercises especially since triceps get hit pretty hard with the chest work but biceps don't really get hit very hard with the back work in the back tape.

I like the barbell forearm work that follows the biceps and triceps work. She does wrist curls and then reverse wrist curls. It's nice to see that she's adding some accessory work into these workouts.

Then off to a short but tough relatively traditional ab routine.

My confession? I only did 2 sets of each of these because it feels like overkill for such small muscle groups. I also didn't break a sweat in this workout. It was demanding in a burning sort of way but when I was finished I felt like I hadn't done anything of substance.

I do admit that I find these slow moves much more demanding than a rep at a regular speed. I also feel it more in my joints, particularly my elbows with the triceps works.

I donít think Iíll be doing this tape on a regular basis. Iíll probably throw in a set or two of biceps curls after one of the other workouts because I think the chest tape really hits the triceps and Iím not looking for eyepopping biceps.

Anne V