FitPrime Weights First

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

Much has been written about the Fit Prime videos - there is no question that the result is a tough and effective workout, but a bit of a strange trip along the way. (I'm not convinced about the 'non-dominant' theory, either.) I am a Firmie going back to the beginning in the 80's, and I really wanted to like these but found them just a tad odd (awkward positions and movements) and they ended up on the shelf. Having said that, I wanted something a little different the other night, so I pulled this one out and found I really enjoyed it! It is a tough workout particularly for the legs. I guess my main criticism is with the abs section, which I really did not care for, however we can always modify (I kind of think that throwing a 2 lb. ball over your face while on the ground is probably not a good idea - you could do some damage!) I believe there has been some criticism about the short cardio sections, but I think they are there just to loosen us up a bit between weight segments, which is the main focus, after all. Also, I liked the yoga cool down. All in all, this is is a rewarding workout for intermediate -- advanced exercisers who may want to modify in places, but then again, I would recommend doing as much as possible "as is" because that's probably the point - to get a different workout from all the rest. You will most certainly feel it in your legs the next day. Oh, and there have been some comments about the New Age music -- personally, I find it to be refreshing for a change, and seems to somehow fit the overall experience. Give "Weights First" a try!

Instructor Comments:
It's always great to have Tracie back, and I like the one-on-one instruction - I wish more of these workouts could be done without a class.