FitPrime Weights First

Tracie Long
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

This is a great leg workout w/ some upper body interspersed throughout. If you loved the Firm Classics, you will probably love this workout because it is both an aerobic and toning total body workout.

Although there are very few pure cardio segments, I find that if I use a heavy enough barbell (30 lbs), the lunges, dips, and tall box climb get my heart rate up the same if not more as would a hi/lo cardio workout.

I really loved the stretching throughout the workout rather than just at the end.

The ab section wasn't too challenging, but that' s okay with me, since I don't need to work on my abs as much as I do my legs. I' ve heard people complain that there isn't enough upper body work. I agree, but I' ll also say that if you use very heavy weights, you will get a good upper body workout. Again, my main problem areas are my butt/legs, so this didn't bother me.

I liked the music on this workout - it really flows with the movements, much like other Firm workouts, and makes the workout go by quickly.

This is a workout I'll do at least once a week.

Instructor Comments:
Great cueing and form pointers - Tracie is a fave of many. She is encouraging w/o being too chatty.