FitPrime Steamin' Cardio

Kelsie Daniels
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I don't love this workout, but I really really like Kelsie. She seems so fun and enthusiastic. This workout though is a bit ill conceived. I don't think its completely safe to do handstand type moves during cardio, alternating them with jumps. In fact, in the redo of this workout, heidi tanner and most of the class seem to be overwhelmed during this segment.
Parts of this workout are really fun but overall I can just never motivate to do it. I don't know if its because I just don't feel like I do that well (I hate the football runs and the hops with handstand combos) or because it feels really segmented and I never feel like I get my exercise groove going. I do, however, have fun watching Kelsie get her groove on- she makes the workout look like a lot of fun! Kelsie makes this workout seem fun and possible, in the redo- the workout feels like an unsafe struggle that is impossible to do well. Watching Kelsie do this workout is a blast, doing the workout is another matter.

Instructor Comments:
Kelsie has spring loaded hips! This woman can move and makes even the most athletic moves look graceful and funky. She's fun, clear and energetic- I'd love to see her lead another workout.