The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is one of those videos that I like some of and hate the rest. What I like: the hover squats, squats and tall step work (very effective, whatever weights you choose); basic step aerobics (nice break after those hover squats); towel stetch (not as good as vol. 2's, but still nice). What I dislike: the awful warm up (yuk. I just do another warm up from Kari Anderson or hop on the bike. Heck, I'll walk my dog instead); the warm up stretch (it doesn't feel good at all); those silly floor aerobics (they're supposed to be like skating moves but everyone looks like they're about snap their spines); using a barbell for shoulder work (it would appear that using dumbbells for these moves would be safer and have more benefit). I really think the Firm introed the barbell to make money because they don't seem to get much mileage out of it in this video. I understand some people might feel more comfortable using if for lower body work, but I would think dummbells would be safer, given the poor form the cast had using the barbell. This is the last thing I disliked about this video: the cast has very poor form in many spots. Upper bodies collapsing while stepping, knees overshooting toes on squats, backs hyperarched on rear extensions. Its amazing noone collapsed writhing in pain. And if a beginner follows them (or even Jayne), they might very well do just that. The ab work is good though, and there is brigde work too. The chest work is a couple sets of flies (maybe they should be grabbing their barbells for some presses too. If I'd have spent $50 on a barbell, I'd like to use it). Overall, the parts I like, I really like. If I start this video at the aerobics, after doing like the step section of 2 the Max, and ignore the cast and concentrate on my form and vary my weights depending on my mood, I find I get a very good work out. If you're new to firm but know about proper form, this is a good starter.

Instructor Comments:
Eegads! Someone take the putty knife away from whomever put on that make up!! To be fair, Jayne is okay. She seems friendly enough, but her cueing is off (not a big deal. these are very easy steps) and her form is lousy at times. She does not instruct, but merely leads the work out. She is glamorous and smiles a lot, but seems "canned" (just like the music)and very reliant on the script.