The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I've had this video for awhile, but I haven't done it for awhile. My workout this morning inspired me to do a review. Though this workout is certainly not without its flaws, I really enjoy it. I wouldn't really recommend this as a video for beginners (mainly because of the lack of form pointers; for beginners wanting to start with The Firm I would say that the Basics series would be better), but for those familiar with proper form, it's a good, solid choice. The main glitch with cueing is during the leg press segments--Jayne cues right when she is using *her* right leg, instead of mirror cueing (same when she does leg presses on the left leg). The video falls a little short on the lat row/tricep kickback sections--there is only one (long) set of each, doing both arms at the same time. I find it harder to do both at the same time using proper form, so I have to use a slightly lower weight than usual. For an occasional workout though, I don't mind much. There also is no work for the inner thigh, but one could always substitute a set of plie squats for one of the hover squat sets if desired. As has been mentioned, it's kind of nice to not have to do lunges, dips, or pushups with every strength workout. There are two sets of pec flyes for the chest, though, so that muscle group is not neglected. It's also nice to have a video that is all low impact (both on the floor and on the step) for a change of pace. The stretch section at the end is longer than on most Firms, and really relaxing. This is a good choice for me when I want a workout that is somewhat challenging but far from killer, or when I am low on motivation. I'm glad I traded for this one!

Instructor Comments:
Jayne, as with several other Classic Firm instructors, gives minimal form pointers during the exercisers. Also, on some of the exercises, her form is questionable as well. That being said, I do like Jayne as an instructor. She is very fit, and lovely to watch and listen to. Although her sweat is never visible, she does comment a couple of times during the workout, "This is tough!" And she seems very sincere!

Kristin Aziz