The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

I just did this video for the first time in a couple of years. It was easier than I remembered but not that easy-lugging around a 40 pd. barbell is work.

You know what else I've noticed about this video? Look at the cast members who were in Firms 1-5--they have more muscle definition in Vol. 6 than in Volumes 1-5. For me, this is the volume where I realized that heavy weights do pay off.

Instructor Comments:
I never noticed Jayne's makeup till I read some of the other reviews of this tape. Jayne is my favorite instructor of the FIRM Volumes 1-6 because she seems the most real. She is straining for some of the barbell work and when she says "Can you feel this working? I can." you can tell that she's working hard too. That's a nice change from most tapes where the instructor acts like the workout is so easy.

Jayne does a great job on cueing and form. She has a neat southern accent which gives this workout a unique touch. Everytime I do this workout, I think I'm working out with Amy Grant. Jayne has a perfect body. Not too muscular. Just right. Her smile is incredible and when she looks into the camera, it looks like she is looking right into your soul. She has that camera/eye touch. I love it when she says,"Can you feel it?, I can!"

Mandy Lee