The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

My first thought when I saw this video was "How much makeup does Jayne have on? And why isn't it running off her face?" Makeup aside, this isn't a bad tape. As others have said, Vol. 6 a "lighter" Firm workout. I think it's less challenging b/c it's slower paced and there is less upper body work and no pushups, dips, lunges or floorwork--but you could really increase the weights to challenge yourself, which is what I do. Those hover squats are tough with heavy weights! There are also tall box leg presses and bridgework. The warm up and floor aerobics are laughable, but that is nothing new for the Firm. There are two box aerobics sequences, one with weights and one without. I use heavy dumbells, but I think a barbell would be easier to use. Heavy dumbells just feel unwieldy. A little more upper body work would have made this workout feel more complete, but this is still a good tape for days when you want something somewhat challenging but don't want to wipe yourself out completely.

Instructor Comments:
Jayne, like the other bland guest Firm instructors, is adequate. As usual, there are few pointers on proper form. She is so serious that she is unintentionally funny when she orders the class to "flutter."

Elaine C.