The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

This is another well-produced workout from the folks at the FIRM. This video is a good introduction to the FIRM for the beginner who understands good form in resistance moves. This is important because FIRM instructors offer very little instruction, and in this volume, she doesn't always use great form herself. This is one of those workouts that the user can make easy or killer, and still feel it at the end, but not feel completely wasted at the end. You can adjust your box height, and your weights to get as tough as you want. Something about this workout, though, I always feel I've worked out, but I don't feel dead when I'm done, no matter how tough I've been on myself. The step aerobics segments are very basic and could easily be done off the step if preferred. The box work is a killer, from the leg press to the hover squats (which I feel more in my quads than glutes). Jayne Poteet is motivating and friendly. What I don't like: the warm up- I'd rather do another tape or hop on our Nordic Track. I just don't think this warm up is very good. The stretches aren't really good and I don't really feel ready to work out at the end. I'm not sure why, maybe its the combination of moves or something, but it doesn't work for me. The lat rows at the same time- okay so its faster. I still don't like it. I find that even if I use my heaviest dumbbells (25 lbs) I still don't feel it. I prefer one side at a time. I can really focus and concentrate that way and really feel it, even using less weight. I also feel that way about the tricep extensions, but not to the same degree. I find I still feel it, but not as much, if I do both arms at once. Finally, at the beginning of the tape, some guy told me to wait for 20 questions... and it would explain to me how to do the pelvic floor work (aka Kegels) in the workout. So I waited till the end of the tape and it never came on. While I already knew about Kegels, having read about them in many magazines, I was a little confused about why it wasn't included. Overall, this a good workout, low impact, easy to follow, with a motivating instructor. If you already have a clue about form and resistance training, but still consider yourself a beginner or new to the FIRM, this is a good FIRM to try out first.

Instructor Comments:
Jayne Poteet is certainly a glamorous, lovely person. I don't mind her accent at all, but she does use a somewhat sexual tone in some of her cuing. She makes "set up for leg press" sound like a real "want you baby" line. Also, her form isn't always great, and could be down right dangerous for someone unfamiliar with resistance training. To her credit, she seems very friendly, likable and motivating. And while I don't blame her for the camera work, can we get fewer crotch shots, please? I thought the FIRM had rectified that in the 80's, but this tape was made in the 90's, and I thought that by then everyone realized that was a place we didn't need to go.