The Firm: Volume 6: Forever Firm

Jayne Poteet
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

she turned her life around. Jayne was very unfit and overweight as a child and teenager. Her current level of fitness is inspiring for beginners.

I think this FIRM tape would be the best one to pick for older or beginning exercisers. The aerobic segment is shorter than usual (about 35 minutes)and there is way more stretching than usual. The aerobic portion consists of extremely low-impact step/floor routines. This FIRM tape uses a barbell, although dumbells would work just as well. This tape has minimal floor work; just abs, pec flies and bridge work. Unlike other FIRM tapes, this one does not use ankle weights at all.

If you are an advanced exerciser, Volume Six probably won't challenge you enough. But...I do like this workout and I would definitely reccomend this FIRM tape to someone who wants to get started with the FIRM. Doing this tape for a while will help beginners build up to more challenging FIRMS like Strong Heart and Strong Body.

Instructor Comments:
Jayne is an adequate instructor. She could be a little bit better with her cueing. There are several occasions when it is not clear what leg you should be on, or which direction you should be going. However, the choreography is basic, and after a couple times through the workout, the issue of cueing dissipates.

Christine Letsky