The Firm: Volume 5: Abs, Hips & Thighs Workout

LaReine Chabut
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I usually do this workout minus the floor exercises; for me the begining portion, with the aerobic "rewind", and the abdominal workout is sufficient. I agree that the "Double Aerobic" option is VERY lame. I would have preferred an extended aerobic workout, without having to repeat the same workout. Instead The Firm markets the rewind option as if it's a breakthrough in the fitness industry. How stupid do they think we are?

I use a regular step, not The Firm's stool; the stool seems dangerous. I also don't think that it's necessary to step up 10 or 14 inches for an effective workout.

I buy my videos at garage sales and second hand stores. This one cost me $2 - money well spent and I use it regularly. Results come quick, it's fun.

Thank you

Instructor Comments:
Ms. Chabut is okay, not exactly warm, but she does a decent job.

May Shatavsky