The Firm: Volume 5: Abs, Hips & Thighs Workout

LaReine Chabut
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Lower Body Strength

I have all of the Firm Total Body and Parts videos and I really do like them all - even this one! I must admit that I was a bit surprised to see so many negetive comments about this tape. Most seemed to be directed towards LaReine Chabut. I guess I never really paid that much attention to the instructor's like everyone else. I am more concerned with how tough and good the workout is -and this IS a good workout. You start out with a warm up which is a little silly, but no big deal. I usually cut some of the "waltzes" out and do more streching. The aerobic part is tough. I use 5 lb's each for the lower box segment and 15lb's each for the tall box. I always do the rewind to repeat the aerobics- even the french press segment. I timed it and it's just under 25 min. So you do get a decent aerobic workout then. The abs are great! Long and challenging. I also really like the floor work. When it starts to get easy, I'll add more weight. I use 5lb ankle weights and a 10lb weight on my thigh for those exercises. For the bridge work, I use 2 -15lb weights - and boy do you feel that! I read in someones review (I think in another FIRM video review) that they thought the FIRM emphasized the pelvic area too much. I think it's great that they do the "internal flutters" and pelvic holds. I just had a baby, and anyone who has knows that "that" area could use some firming up! It really does help!

This video should not be over looked because of a not-so-enthusiastic instructor. If you do the video a few times, you will see that the off cuing is nothing major - you will easily figure out what to do. It is an excellent lower body tape. Not much for upper body, but that's ok. You're not supposed to work out all body parts everyday anyway. Besides, the FIRM Total Body tapes are supposed to be rotated within each other (one tape may emphasize lower body more and another tape may emphasize upper body or arobics more). After I do this tape (if I had not just done upper body work the day before), I will do FIrm Upper Body parts afterwards.

I really think anyone who currently has this tape and doesn't care for LaReine should reconsider the good workout you'll get and start using it again!

Instructor Comments:
I don't mind her as much as others. She's ok. A little off on her cuing sometimes, which was confusing when I first did the tape, but it's no bit deal now.

Diana mason